If you wish to set up your gift registry, come by the store any day of the week and work with one of the members to select the gifts for your registry.  The store will post a picture and item identification on this page of our website for your guests to use either in the store or by long distance.  If you need multiple items of a product, check our member list to see if that artist takes special orders.  


Gift lists are under the recipient's name and names are listed alphabetically.  If you are local, come by the store and if the item is still in the store you just purchase it and take it with you.  If you are out of town, call 919-929-3330, and tell the member which item you wish to purchase.  If it is still available, we can take your charge information over the phone.  We will put the item in our hold cabinet and let the recipient know that there is a gift waiting for her/him in the store.