WomanCraft Gifts specializes in original, high quality work made by local artists. Our business is a corporation but functions as a cooperative. It is run and operated by its Members.

As Members, individuals have the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow artists and craftspersons as well as store customers. Besides selling their work in the store, Members are encouraged to showcase their items with displays which they have designed. Checks are issued to artists by the 9th of each month for items sold  the previous month. Members keep 68% of their individual sales, work one 5 1/2 hour shift each week, and serve on one or more committees. Occasionally additional shifts and duties are required. (Please note that WomanCraft has a 6 month probationary period for new Members during which time a new Member is paid 65% of her/his sales.)

For artists who are unable to participate in running the store, WomanCraft Gifts accepts a limited number of Consignors who receive a 50% commission fee. Each Consignor is assigned a Member who serves as her/his Consignor Representative. A Consignor must make arrangements with her/his Representative who will verify and properly label the new inventory. All inventory is thus checked in and displayed by the Consignor Representative or another Member, rather than by the Consignor.

A Review Committee meets once each month to determine who is accepted into WomanCraft Gifts. New Consignor applications will only be accepted during the months of Jan. thru Sept. Items and the application need to be in the store by the 1st day of each month in order to be considered for that month. The Review Committee will consider all applications submitted for that month and present its recommendations to the Board.  Soon after the meeting, applicants are contacted by the Review Chair.

All Applicants must:

•     Be at least 18 years old

•     Submit 5 samples of each item to be reviewed

-     Work should differ in materials and style from what is currently for sale in the store

-     Items must be made by you; original work not from kits

-     Items should be new/unused and no seconds

-     The use of commercial items may be used only if they clarify use of the craft and are an integral part of the design     

•     Have completed all submitted items within the past 12 months

•     Clearly label and price each item ready for sale

•     Include a list of all items being submitted

•     Pay a $25 nonrefundable Application Fee    

We encourage the applicant to visit the store in order to be familiar with our current inventory, and to ask any questions of the Members who are working at the time of the visit. In addition, the applicant should not  hesitate to contact the Review Chair, Jean Wipperman.

360 E. Main St.                                                                                                           womancraft@bellsouth.net
Carrboro, NC  27510                                                                                                  www.womancraftgifts.com