Jun 30

June recognizes Alzheimer's Disease and celebrates Bee Keepers

The month of June is designated Alzheimer's Disease month, a time to remember those afflicted with this disease and their loved ones who are also affected.  It is also a month to celebrate bee keepers.  Did you know that Carrboro is a designated 'Bee City'.  Artist Jean Wipperman, featured artist for June's Artwalk, is making Fiddly Quilts, now in the store.  These are small, squares that fit on a lap and offer multiple items for restless fingers.  They have been found to be calming for those with both Alzheimer's and Autism.  We have various artists that feature bees in their work.  Jean has a bee themed pin cushion, Dale Morgan has prints and cards with bees.  Some of our potters make honey pots.  All of this is just another reason to come into Womancraft during the month of June.

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2nd Friday Artwalk

Our featured artist this month is Jean Wipperman, who makes whimsical and practical items such as beautiful purses made from silk ties, neck coolers [just place in cold water and they swell up and chill down], beautiful wall hangings, and fanciful pin cushions for those who sew.  Recently she has added Fiddly Quilts and walker caddies.  The Fiddly Quilts are small enough to fit on a lap.  They offer different items for restless fingers to play with, calming for those with Alzheimer's or Autism.  The walker caddies hang from walkers and provide pockets to carrying a variety of items within easy reach.  Come and meet this creative artist.

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Celebrate your graduate

Looking for a gift for a graduate to tell him or her how special they are? Maybe something to mark how special the occasion is in their life's journey or to take with them as they go away from home..  Be sure to come and see what Womancraft has to offer your graduate to mark this event.  

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Father's Day

Have you found that perfect gift for Dad or Grandpa?  It can be hard to find something special year after year, but at Womancraft you can find gifts you won't see anywhere else.  If you are looking for ideas, come on Saturday June 10th to see demonstrations by the Chapel Hill Wood Turners and Beth Woody, marquetry artist.  The wood turners make a variety of items from the practical [pizza cutters, ice cream scoops, pens] to the decorative [toadstools].  Beth makes pictures [marquetry] from different woods, each piece hand cut.  If you have a child who loves to ask 'How do they do that?"  Come to Womancraft on June 10th and find out.  Find something as unique as your Father here at Womancraft.